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My 1972 Screamin Yello Plymouth Scamp

My "15" minutes of fame!

My Scamp kicking @ss at the 
Motorsports Nationals Burnout contest
@ Cal- Expo Fairgrounds. It made it into
the Sept. 2000 issue of Car Craft !!!
Check out the burnout page for pics and video


July 2001
Do you want to see how the Scamp came together?
Click here


 June 2001
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April 2001

"Real Yella"





A local station was having a promotion they wanted people
to bring out stuff for Bigfoot to smash
So I drive over to watch. There were about 10 items
in the parking lot. There was a dresser, some toys,
a Cell phone and other junk, a quick pass and it was over.....
So I asked if
The King of the Monster trucks wanted to race
The Burnout King of Sacramento!!

My 1972 Plymouth Scamp VS 2000 Ford Bigfoot
to A 60ft drag race!!!

The Officials discussing it........

The Officials discussing it........some more

It all came down to a liability issue
So it didn't happen....
But it would of been one hell of a race.